Security guards and use of force

Loss prevention officersSecurity guards in B.C. must adhere to a code of conduct that requires that they do not use unnecessary force to restrain someone. While security guards using force to stop a crime is controversial, the Security Services Act of B.C. allows it if it is reasonable. 


Reasonable force 

Reasonable force is the amount of force needed to protect property or keep people safe. It protects  property and people from violence or theft. Many people think security guards cannot use force, but it isn’t really the case. The Supreme Court of Canada recognized that security guards may use reasonable force. As a citizen, using force is generally not advisable for your own safety. However, Regent Security Guards are highly-trained to identity when force is justified. They learn how to decide under pressure what force, if any, is required. Guards have extensive training on the laws related to apprehending a criminal.


Working with police

Regent security guards are trained thoroughly on police procedures and reporting. Guards work with police to support investigations and ensure that incidents are handled safely and within the law.


Handling incidents in line with the law, with the help of licenced guards, helps business protect themselves from liability. 



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