Strata and Condominium Clients:

Since Regent Security began working with us, our tenants are extremely happy with the level of service and there have been significantly reduced incidents on site.

Property Manager

Our tenants have commented that they feel safer with Regent Security staff on the premises. One area of concern, prior to Regent Security, was noise violations. With the help of their staff, Regent Security has helped reduce the number of noise complaints we receive.

Strata Manager

Our residents enjoy the quiet, safe atmosphere of a building that maintains a reputation for quality and high standards.

Building Manager

Mr. Louis and his team work well with our other staff and management, adhering to the high standards we maintain at our building.

Building Manager

When we were seeking a security company that could meet our security needs, we were highly recommended to retain the services of Regent Security.

Building Manager

Special Events Clients:

BlackBerry Special Services made use of the services of Regent for a launch event for the Black Berry 10 in Vancouver 2013 and could not be more pleased with the high level of customer service and security knowledge demonstrated by their staff which helped made the event successful.

Director of Security and Special Services
Blackberry Canada

I would highly recommend Regent Security if you require quality service for your events. I have worked with Regent Security a few times for our events. We were very impressed with the service and how quick and adaptable Mr. Louis and his team at Regent was in getting things organized with short notice.

Event Producer
BC Film Industry

We hired Regent Security to help us at our auctions in Vancouver. We were very impressed with their services and are happy to have a partner in Vancouver to take care of our security needs at our auctions.

Auction Director

Hotel Clients:

We have been working with Regent Security for the past 5 years. Having Regent Security at your next event means that you will have a professional and well-groomed staff at your service. Regent Security has been available to us on short notice and has proven themselves to be a company that can handle all types of events.

Hotel Manager

We are happy to have Regent Security be an extension of our team. Regent Security successfully controlled and managed over 1000 guests, quickly establishing Regent Security as the “go to” company for our hotel security needs.

Hotel Security Manager

Regent Security staff were the “eyes” to our management team as they reported directly to the hotel manager. During the time Regent Security worked with us, their staff immersed into the culture of excellent customer service we maintain at our hotel, becoming an extension of our team dedicated to quality service.

Hotel Manager

We have appreciated Regent Security’s attention to detail and their strong sense of work ethic. Regent staff has excellent customer service skills and a strong presence of leadership in their management team.

Hotel Guest Services Manager

Loss Prevention Clients:

We have seen a dramatic reduction in theft at the store, thanks to RS.

Store Owner

Regent Security helped us set up both the CCTV cameras and LPO staff. We found great value with their systems.

Store Owner

High Schools Events Clients:

Regent Security has helped make our grad event a success for the past two years. We were very impressed by the professionalism of their staff and management team. They helped make our event a great success by making sure everyone had a great time while being safe and secure.

Vice Principal
Surrey High School

I found their staff to be very polished and professional. They worked well with our teachers and made sure that everyone was safe and had a great time. They helped make sure that everything went as planned.

Vice Principal
Surrey High School

Regent security staff and their management team helped make our grad flow smoothly and helped make for a great experience for our students and staff. Their team was professional and did a great job.

Vice Principal
Burnaby High School

Regent Security has been providing their services for our school grad events for the past few years. I found their staff to be professional as they went above the call of duty. Our students and staff felt very safe and comfortable with the services provided by Regent Security.

Vice Principal
Coquitlam High School

Regent security staff were very efficient and handled the event very well. They were able to work with my team and make sure that all situations were handled with care and professionalism. The Regent Security team was very diligent and did a great job.

West Vancouver High School